Clickable Paper

Grow with interactive print

With Clickable Paper™ interactive print, your business can grow through mobile app marketing—a low-risk cloud-based revenue stream you can start quickly and easily. Clickable Paper builds on what you do well, printing, by giving you a simple way to deliver electronic marketing materials.

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Connect print and digital

What can be Clickable Paper enabled? Books, direct mail, signage, brochures, newspapers, posters and so on. These items can be linked to online resources such as websites, e-commerce portals, video, photos, social networks and more. Even enable phone based actions like making a call, opening a map, or sending an e-mail, SMS or Tweet.

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Go beyond QR codes

A QR code requires the use of a visible, unsightly barcode, and it’s limited to one link. A Clickable Paper-enabled page requires no editing or reformatting, so it doesn't interrupt the branding look or feel of your piece. And each piece can have several invisible hotspots, each with up to six rich media links.

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Improve click-through rates

App users like instant gratification. Marketers like to try, test and measure. Clickable Paper satisfies everyone. App users can play, learn or buy in seconds—watch a video, download a coupon, send a tweet, enroll in a sweepstakes. Marketers can fine tune campaigns using the analytics available from the Clickable Paper server.

How it Works

While Clickable Paper uses Ricoh Visual Search technology and image recognition software behind the scenes, these are the three key components:

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Authoring process

  • Enables your PDF files of printed or to-be-printed pieces with one or more hotspots
  • Assigns rich media results to each hotspot (up to six rich media links per hotspot)
  • The rich media results can be updated at any time
  • Saves time because you simply hand off your content to Ricoh, and we do the work
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Cloud server

  • Indexes documents and the associated rich media results in the cloud
  • Analyzes and matches the snapped images it receives from app users’ smartphones or tablets
  • Returns rich media results to the Clickable Paper app on your mobile device
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CP Clicker apps

  • Download free with no charge for use
  • Enable end users to snap documents with their smartphones or tablets
  • Send the snapped images to the cloud server
  • Display rich media results in an easy-to-use layout
  • Enable app users to act on a rich media action in seconds

Download the Apps and Demo Samples

Visit the iTunes App Store or Google Play to learn more about the apps.

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Try the app on these Clickable Paper-enabled samples!

Either download the samples below, or request a print sample.